This is my candidate statement, as it will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot.


Dave Olson's MCC 2018 Candidate Statement

Name: Dave Olson
Occupation: Principal Engineer

As a 5 year councilmember (2 years as Chair) on the Midcoast Community Council, I have good working relationships with County staff and leaders, as well as other organizations. This makes me effective in communicating the concerns of the community to staff and leaders to improve projects on the Midcoast.

I meet with members of our community on issues on a regular basis, one on one, in groups, and via social media and email to discuss problems and solutions.

I was instrumental in having the Short Term Rental ordinance passed.

To help reduce highway congestion and improve safety, I have worked to have a roundabout built in Moss Beach, instead of a signal.

I have worked to improve parks on the Midcoast, coordinating with county, state, federal, and local (GCSD) organizations.

If re-elected, I will work with the County to improve transit, and will continue to work on parks, planning, transportation, and housing issues.

I remain dedicated to keeping the Midcoast livable for residents, while not excluding visitors. We must allow and encourage the diversity of people and lifestyles in our community.

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