This is my candidate statement, as it appeared on the November 5, 2013 ballot.


Dave Olson's MCC 2013 Candidate Statement

Occupation: Software Engineer
Education and Qualifications:

I strongly believe that the Midcoast needs a local voice for local issues. We live in a unique location, and have unique needs. We need to provide recreational activities for both residents and visitors. We must provide access to our beautiful coast, including access to our amazing coastal views.

We need a coordinated infrastructure planning process for business, transportation, and recreation, rather than project-oriented planning. I am dedicated to keeping the Midcoast livable for residents, while not excluding visitors. We must allow and encourage the diversity of lifestyles in our community.

From many years in the computer industry, I am skilled at researching issues, and in listening to and representing points of view that aren't necessarily my own.

I have a very strong interest in the outdoors. I have hiked many of the trails on the Midcoast, and have spent many enjoyable hours walking on our beaches and reefs. I am a member of the HMB History Association, and am deeply interested in local history, I am a life-long resident of the Bay Area, and currently reside in Montara.

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