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Currently Chair, Midcoast Community Council

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Dave Olson

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Contact me: daveolsonmcc@gmail.com

Phone: 650.387.3618
(8AM-10PM, please!)

I am running for re-election on November 6, 2018

As I'm nearing the end of my first term on the council, I have filed my candidates papers with the county, and have qualified for the ballot in the upcoming election. I look forward to discussing Midcoast issues with community members. Please get in touch with me by email, or phone (650.387.3618). I'm happy to meet in person as well.

I will have at least a few weekends where I will be available at the post offices on the Midcoast to talk to people on an ad-hoc basis.

While the MCC is only an advisory body, we have had success in adapting or changing projects that affect the Midcoast (and to be honest, some failures).

Part of my role as a councilmember is to help community members resolve issues with county and state government personnel, boards, and Midcoast problems in general.

My most recent successful project was getting a Short Term Rental ordinance passed for the Midcoast. This legalized the long-standing process of renting homes or portions of homes for periods less than 30 days, and introduced rules for hosts and clients. Prior to that it was not legal to do short term rentals in the Coastal Zone. This ordinance is now in place, with the adoption of a $300 permit fee. While the ordinance is not quite what I had hoped for, it does have restrictions, and puts a framework in place for enforcement.

I'm actively involved in transportation issues, primarily on Highway 1 (in Half Moon Bay, as well as the Midcoast). These include crossings, as well as improved intersections. The most active projects are the crossing at Gray Whale Cove, and a roundabout (instead of a signal) at Cypress in Moss Beach.

The roundabout has significant advantages (compared to a signal), in that it keeps traffic flowing, lowers accident rates, and makes it easier for bicycles and pedestrians to cross. I have been one of the leaders in this effort, and we are awaiting the next design from the County.

I'm looking forward to MidPen Housing filing the plans for the Cypress Point project in Moss Beach. It's been a very active issue for the community. I've attended many meetings on this project, and have discussed it with County staff members, the supervisors, and the MidPen staff. I think that traffic impact is the biggest remaining issue with this project. MidPen staff have worked with councilmembers and the community to reduce the size of the project, and have it fit better into the community. The current status is that MidPen has asked for an LCP amendment to lower the density on the parcel.

I believe that the only real hope of reducing congestion on our local highways is to get more people out of their cars, and into public transit (buses, school buses, shuttles, etc.). Because we are a visitor-serving area under the Coastal Act rules, we can't stop projects that provide services for visitors without showing they cause unacceptable impact. Asking for mitigation to reduce traffic impacts is one way to address the congestion. The same applies for other commercial and multi-unit residential projects. I have discussed transit improvements with the county, school staff, and Samtrans, and will continue pushing for transit improvements.

This is my Candidate Statement as it will appear on the ballot for the November 6, 2018 election.
My background and interests

I am a life-long resident of the Bay Area. I have lived in Miramar, Montara, and now live in El Granada in a house I purchased at the end of 2014.

I am an engineer at Cumulus Networks (since Sept 2014), and have been designing computer systems, chips, and software for over 30 years. I have led and mentored technical teams for over 25 years. This background helps me to work with engineers and planners on a technical level, and has given me strong leadership skills

During my council term I have worked towards a coordinated infrastructure planning process for business, transportation, and recreation, rather than project-oriented planning.

I am dedicated to keeping the Midcoast livable for residents, while not excluding visitors. We must allow and encourage the diversity of lifestyles in our community. I pledge to remain available to all members of this community, and to welcome and respect all points of view on matters before the council (and to bring appropriate new issues before the council, when requested).

I have a very strong interest in the outdoors. I have hiked many of the trails on the Midcoast, and have spent many enjoyable hours walking on our beaches and reefs. I am a member of the HMB History Association, and am deeply interested in local history, as well as a docent at the new history museum

I worked to get Measure G passed, enabling Granada Sanitary District to become the Granada Community Services District with parks powers. While progress towards new parks facilities has been slow, it is happening. During that campaign, I talked to hundreds of residents in the district about parks, giving me a better understanding of the issues and desires of the community.

I was a board member of the Committee for Green Foothills September 2014 - October 2015.

This is my Candidate Statement as it will appear on the ballot for the November 6, 2018 election.

As a way of tracking how well I've delivered on my plans, this is my Candidate Statement as it appeared on the ballot for the November 5, 2013 election.

My personal web site has more information about me, and many pictures of hikes, etc.