Dave Olson
Vice-Chair, Midcoast Community Council

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Dave Olson

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Contact me: daveolsonmcc@gmail.com

Phone: 650.387.3618
(8AM-10PM, please!)

Whatever your position on Midcoast community issues, I'm interested in hearing your opinions and concerns, and in trying to help resolve issues with county and state government personnel, boards, etc.
My current projects (among others) are the issues around short term rentals (such as VRBO), streetlights on the Midcoast, and general planning issues.
My background and interests

I am a life-long resident of the Bay Area. I have lived in Miramar, Montara, and now live in El Granada in a house I purchased at the end of 2014.

I am an engineer at Cumulus Networks (since Sept 2014), and have been designing systems, chips, and software for over 30 years, and have led and mentored technical teams for over 25 years.

During my council term I have been work towards a coordinated infrastructure planning process for business, transportation, and recreation, rather than project-oriented planning.

I am dedicated to keeping the Midcoast livable for residents, while not excluding visitors. We must allow and encourage the diversity of lifestyles in our community. I pledge to remain available to all members of this community, and to welcome and respect all points of view on matters before the council (and to bring new issues before the council, when requested).

I have a very strong interest in the outdoors. I have hiked many of the trails on the Midcoast, and have spent many enjoyable hours walking on our beaches and reefs. I am a member of the HMB History Association, and am deeply interested in local history.

I helped get Measure G passed, to enable Granada Sanitary District become the Granada Community Services District with parks powers, so we can have more parks on the Midcoast.

I was a board member of the Committee for Green Foothills September 2014 - October 2015.

My Candidate Statement as it appeared on the ballot for the November 5, 2013 election.
My personal web site has more information about me, and many pictures of hikes, etc.